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Croydon Steak House has the best steaks in town!


Our steaks are specially selected and bought personally by me from the Smithfield market, and kept in our coldroom. You are always wellcome to inspect them. Let us know if you have dietary restrictions - will help you find just the meal you want.

Customer Reviews

Absolutely would recommend this place for any given occasion, simply because of the quality in both food and services, the warmth encounter with the host.

Even when they were busy, the attention to detail never seemed to be lacking.

"Did not use the offer but instead went for the Chateaubriand which was excellent. However the wine list does require some review as whites are mixed with reds and there did not appear to be any mid priced wines of £26.00 ish Would revisit  Location

"Croydon Steak House is a cozy and friendly restaurant. We ordered simple steaks and chips. The service was pleasant and steaks were succulent, the T. bone was excelent and juicy. Overall, we enjoyed our family dinner there.

Fantastic little restaurant in Croydon. The steak as you would suspect is great, as is the apple crumble.

The menu seems not to have been updated since the '70s — starters are things like tomato soup (the only thing we've found yet to not be great), liver pate, grilled sardines, egg mayonnaise. If you're not a fan of steak then the salmon is also recommended. There's one vegetarian dish but I can't remember what it is.

Big portions of good quality steak. Other menu options are available but I wouldn't plan on going here with someone that isn't keen on beef!

Visited October 2011

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 30 September 2013

...because this my favorite local restaurant and if I people read what I write I fear that it'll become so popular that I'll never get a table again!!

That aside, this place is a little gem! A family run restaurant that produces some of the best steak I've ever had. They grow their own greens in a little allotment nearby and the owner and his wife are friendly to the extreme providing a comfortable atmosphere with some good banter.

People complain that the decor is not modern, but who cares with food like this. In fact I love the way it's decorated. It reminds me of little local restaurants in spain, portugal and cyprus (where the owners are from originally). They even have wagon wheels on the walls!!

The wine list is great too and the desserts are simple but delicious.

As I said though... don't go! We need to keep this place a secret!!

Visited September 2013
“One of the best steakhouses in South London! Unlimited sizes!!!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 5 January 2014

You can order 3 kilos. And we did! 3kgs of T-Bone between two of us. Being a steak eater, I've done London restaurants, Gaucho, Buenos Aires, and more. This place is great because of the value and quantity to match with quality which earns this place a 5 stars. The service and owner are fantastic and she appreciates repeat custom. The decor contains paintings and muskets on the walls with red, wood and white interiors. You can view the cuts before you order or view the cow if applicable in that quantity or if you like things rare. Decent enough wine selection for what y would need and this place is great with family or on a date! This is the best reason to come to Croydon!

Finally a visit to Croydon Steak House!”

4 of 5 stars Reviewed 9 January 2014

I have been wanting to visit Croydon Steak House for years, ever since I saw the "Steaks as big as you like" sign over the door & have always had trouble getting people to agree to come. Finally managed to get a group together for my birthday just before Christmas.
I think people's doubts about visiting the restaurant mainly stem from the old fashioned & maybe to some, not very welcoming exterior. Yes the exterior is old fashioned & so is the inside & I love it! I felt like I'd stepped into a little Greek or Cypriot taverna which was lovely. It's a small place with few tables & a nice intimate atmosphere, what's nice is that they haven't crammed more tables in like some places do, so you're not banging elbows with the diners next to you.
The main menu is varied with a lot of fish & chicken dishes & even a couple of veggie ones along with a wide array of steaks. The starter menu is more limited & is one of the reasons I haven't given them the full 5 stars. I love fish so it was fine for me but some people don't & there is very little choice of starter for those that don't like fish. I had the sardines which were a first for me & very tasty & others had the calamari, garlic mushrooms & prawns, the calamari was particularly good.
For mains almost everyone went for steak, mostly fillet, & one friend ordered the T bone, another had the mixed grill we also ordered a few sides, the grilled tomatoes, the fried onions & a couple of other bits. It's worth noting that your steak comes with just potatoes (Either saute or chips) so if you want anything else as an accompaniment you have to order it.
My fillet was lovely & the stilton sauce delicious, all the steaks were perfectly cooked & the chips & saute potatoes were also delisious, sounds like a small thing but a steak dinner can really be ruined by bad chips, no fear of that here, they were crispy & lovely. The fried onion & grilled tomato accompaniments were also well cooked & one order of each was enough for a few people to share. I would have liked my tomatoes grilled a little more but that's something I should have requested, I like them smooshed & should have said so.
We had a bottle of house red which was very good & a bottle of house white which I though was absolutely delicious.
We finished the meal with a selection of desserts which were all very nice & coffees, sadly they only do filter coffee where I'd prefer an espresso but it didn't take away from the delicious meal & they came back with the pot to refil our coffees which was a lovely touch.
Service was perfect, friendly & we were made to feel welcome & given attention despite there being numerous repeat customers in (They seem to have a lot of very loyal repeat business which is always a good sign) we didn't feel like we got less attention than the regulars. The lady that works front of house was friendly & inclusive & shared a giggle or two with us (Especially over the enormous amount of sugar my friend put in his coffee!).

I'd definitely go back & definitely recommend it, I kind of fell in love with the place which, as a steak lover, I kind of thought I would, but the quaint inside & friendly service were unexpected joys. For me personally it's a 5 star, I loved everything about it but I've given 4 as a review due to the limited starter menu for non fish eaters & the fact that the toilets could possible do with a spruce up. It's not the cheapest place in town but the quality of the meat & the service make it worth it. They also do not automatically add a service charge which is a real pet hate of mine so they score highly there too.
I fully expect to be going back time & again to work my way through the large number of steaks available.

Visited December 2013

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