croydon steak house

                  PARTY MENU for EIGHT people and over




Mussels with Garlic                                                                                                     £ 6.50

Home made tomato soup                                                                                             £ 4.50

Garlic Mushrooms                                                                                                       £ 4.50

Fried scampi                                                                                                                £ 5.50

Houmous and pitta bread                                                                                           £ 4.50

Whitebait                                                                                                                     £ 5.50

Prawn cocktail                                                                                                             £ 5.50


Main course




Grilled sirloin steak (225gm) with French fried potatoes and peas                            £17.25

Grilled fillet steak (225 gm) with French fried potatoes and mushrooms                  £20.50

Travellers (275gm) with French fried potatoes, fried onions and fried egg on top    £19.75

Rib Eye Steak (350gm) with French fried potatoes and mushrooms                         £25.50

T Bone steak (500gm) with French fried potatoes and mushrooms                           £25.50

Salmon steak grilled with prawns on top with new potatoes and peas                       £16.75

Whole Sea bass grilled with new potatoes and peas                                                        £17.25

Chicken Kiev fried potatoes and peas                                                                              £12.75



Diane sauce or  creamy pepper sauce or stilton sauce  £2.25 pp supplement


Sweet  From £4.00